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School Traning Programs

Our School training Course helping students build a strong Computer foundation & programming. Our students tell us they love the program because it's loads of fun; Muki Technologies Private Limited parents love that the in-class challenges are worthy of their children's talents. As in all MUKITS classes, this class develops your child's ability to think through problems that go beyond the specific applications of the class. That's the Muki Technologies Private Limited Difference!

Working through the self-paced Computer Courses designed by the Muki Technologies Private Limited Curriculum Development Group, and guided by a deeply trained and educated Muki Technologies Private Limited instructor, your child will develop a talent for problem solving that overflows out of the MUKITS classroom and into all aspects of his or her academic and professional careers.

S.N. Programs Details
1 Basics of Computer Operating system, Dos, Internet, Ms office etc.
2 MS-Office MS word, Excel & Powerpoint
3 C Programming Arrays, Structure, Union, Functions, Pointers etc.
4 Web Desiging(Html & CSS) Creating Forms, Tables, Gallery, Menus, Attaching Slider etc.
5 Graphic Designing(Photoshop & Paint) Creating Images, Banners & Editing Images and so on.
6 Hardware & Networking Formating Window, Installing & updating Softwares, Troubleshooting